IK Multimedia - Hammond B-3X 1.1.0 (WIN/OSX)

IK Multimedia - Hammond B-3X, инновационный виртуальный орган с фоническим колесом, откроет вам беспрецедентный уровень детализации и реализма. Созданный в тесном сотрудничестве с Hammond Organ Company из Чикаго, штат Иллинойс, и Suzuki Musical Instruments Mfg из Хамамацу, Япония, Hammond B-3X представляет собой цифровую копию легендарного Hammond B-3.

IK Multimedia - Hammond B-3X, an innovative virtual organ with a phonic wheel, will open you to an unprecedented level of detail and realism. Created in close collaboration with the Hammond Organ Company from Chicago, Illinois, and Suzuki Musical Instruments Mfg from Hamamatsu, Japan, the Hammond B-3X is a digital replica of the legendary Hammond B-3. 


IK Multimedia - Hammond B-3X 1.1.0 (WIN/OSX)


IK combined breakthrough sound with a complete chain of effects in the setup, including effects pedals, a full Leslie ™ rotary cabinet with a large number of microphones, a wide selection of complete amps and cabinet models, a parallel guitar amplifier with a 4x12 cabinet, a full mixer and even post-mixing effects - all in order to completely recreate the whole signaling path and give you full control and editing of your sound.
It's all about the little things - In the true style of the IK simulated instruments, the Hammond B-3X repeats the work of the original body organ. The B-3X has 91 movable tone wheels based on a carefully copied Hammond mechanism and combines them in real time depending on the required note, taking into account the use of the “tongue” control, which allows for unprecedented realism. As a leader in the modeling industry, IK is no stranger to accurately and carefully reproducing the smallest details of the sound of instruments. In the case of Hammond, this is a tonal coloration, a signature key click, iconic percussion schemes and Hammond vibrato choruses with advanced controls to fine-tune the instrument completely to your taste. All settings, controls and circuits were modeled in accordance with IK's rigorous standards, and each part has been repeatedly tested by the Hammond Organ Company team.
You can even simulate the effects of “aging” parts of the mechanism by controlling tonal balance, generator leakage and crosstalk, and even enhancing the presence of the chorus circuit.
Lively sound and genuine emotions - Hammond B-3X controllers are designed to fully convey the feel of playing a real classic organ, but with a slight reverence towards modern comfort. Almost every element, from the set order of the chorus and vibrato settings to the location of the percussion switches, is exactly where it should be. The “tongue” controllers are updated in real time when you select the inverted settings keys, which allows you to save up to 24 custom control settings in each stop. During live performances, the “Controls” mode will hide the keyboard and increase the controls along with the switches, which will help to focus on the performance. There are also assignable MIDI keys for Hammond digital organs. Everything you need for the concert will be right in your hands - connect and play.
Classic organ effects - The organ feeds the 5-element pedal panel in the STOMPS section with overdrive, graphic equalizer, chorus vibrato, “wah” and spring reverb. Based on award-winning software from IK AmpliTube and T-RackS, these effects are carefully selected and streamlined to make it easy to recreate the widest range of iconic organ sounds with phonic wheels and can be assigned to control MIDI during a performance.
Real Leslie® Sound - Then the signal is sent to the CABS section, where you can select real Leslie amplifiers and speakers, and mix them together with the complete parallel guitar amplifiers and a 4x12 cabinet. The Hammond B-3X cabinet section will offer you an impressive range of settings for your sound thanks to the technology used in the award-winning IK Leslie® Collection collection and amp modeling in AmpliTube 4.
The final touch - Among other things, the Hammond B-3X has 3 studio rack effects from T-RackS to bring the final gloss to your sound. IK Limiter - An FET-based compressor delivers iconic, timeless sound, the EQ-81 adds a classic console-style tone and warmth, and digital reverb adds a sense of clean space to your tone.
No other digital organ offers such a complete picture of the legendary organ of Hammond, starting with the initial generation of sound and ending with a full cycle of effects with precise, detailed control throughout the path. This, combined with our authentic Hammond brand, makes the Hammond B-3X a truly next-level virtual instruments.

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