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Sample Logic - Trailer Xpressions III (KONTAKT)

Добро пожаловать в TRAILER XPRESSIONS 3, который открывает новые возможности для оркестровки и звукового дизайна. Sample Logic с гордостью представляет новую главу в своей чрезвычайно успешной серии TRAILER XPRESSIONS. На этот раз мы сосредоточились на взрывных хитах и эффектах «одного выстрела» в сочетании с более эмбиентной стороной звукового дизайна с вокалом, гармоническими текстурами, дронами и атмосферой.

Welcome to TRAILER XPRESSIONS 3, which opens up new possibilities for orchestration and sound design. Sample Logic is proud to present a new chapter in its hugely successful TRAILER XPRESSIONS series. This time we focused on explosive hits and "one shot" effects combined with a more ambient side of sound design with vocals, harmonic textures, drones and atmosphere.


Sample Logic - Trailer Xpressions III (KONTAKT) part 1

Sample Logic - Trailer Xpressions III (KONTAKT) part 2

Sample Logic - Trailer Xpressions III (KONTAKT) part 3


This collection of sounds has a versatility unrivaled in the trailer effects world. The TX3 interface brings speed and ease-of-use to your workflow like never before, making it seamlessly simple to craft the right cue for any cinematic production.

With TRAILER XPRESSIONS we up the ante on the sound-shaping possibilities, so that you can wring every ounce of musicality out of these samples. This time around we’ve added controls that can wildly transform audio into creative rhythms and mangled, reversed soundscapes. The REVERSE button can be applied to all samples or just a selected few, beginning playback from the sample start slider and running in reverse, back to the start. Try adding delay and convolution reverb to craft your own otherworldly drones. Stretch just one sample across the entire keyboard with the new STRETCH button, perfect for high-pitched zings or rumbling growls. There are now a full range of ADSR controls, for shaping the amplitude envelope of each sound. The low and high cut EQ filters have been upgraded with full LFO automation to enable you to perform blistering Transformers-style gated effects or slower filtered evolutions.

Most trailer sound products and albums require that each sound is licensed on a per use basis and often are only available as raw audio files, leaving end users on their own to crop and manipulate the sounds before they can even be used. With TRAILER XPRESSIONS 3, the goal was to simplify the creative process by bringing you the best of both worlds. We’ve delivered a “gold standard” sound library of license-free and insanely expressive audio files produced by SAMPLETRAXX, wrapped in a dynamic virtual instrument developed by Sample Logic. Ownership of TX3 grants a lifetime license for the use of all of its contents. No future licensing or royalty fees are required. In this way, TX3 delivers a world-class product that provides amazing trailer sounds with the flexibility and creative ease to suit anyone’s workflow. In addition to the construction kit virtual instruments (with a UI designed for morphing and sculpting), TX3 provides direct access to the raw audio files that drive the instruments. These audio files are delivered in .wav format and can be directly imported into any DAW. Each audio file name is indicated right inside the interface, so you can locate the original audio files with ease.

Developed for the industry-standard Native Instruments Kontakt sampler, TRAILER XPRESSIONS 3 has been intuitively scripted to implement the core set of interface controls that trailer composers and musicians want, use and require. This includes:

· NEW – Reverse Mode to instantly play each sample in reverse
· NEW – Master hi-cut and lo-cut filters with LFO modulators to easily shape and morph the sounds
· NEW – Customizable ADSR knobs to adjust the gain envelope over time
· NEW – Stretch Mode to access 1,161 single sample instruments by instantly reassigning any sample to span the entire key range
· Global and Independent Performance Modes for user interface parameters
· Energizer and Polisher multiprocessor effects for dynamic and dramatic sound shaping
· Sample waveform view that displays the sample being triggered
· Adjustable sample start slider to adjust the start point of sample playback
· Pitch slider that can transpose up/down 1 octave
· Delay module with presets
· Convolution module with over 25 different convolution reverbs
· Favorite sound function to recall a sound every time a new instance is loaded

Full paid version of Kontakt, version 5.8.1 or higher. Will not work in the free Kontakt Player!
Mac OS X 10.11, i5, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
Windows 7, 8, 10, Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
28 GB free disk space for TRAILER XPRESSIONS 3 sample content
COMPATIBILITY (Mac 64-bit only; Windows 32/64-bit)

· 28 Kontakt construction kit Instruments & 1,161 individually mapped chromatic sample presets
· 3.28 GB Sample Content
· 1,161 audio files in .wav format for direct use without Kontakt
· MIDI controllable user interface to morph, tweak, and favorite sounds
· Sample Stretch Mode for remapping individual samples chromatically

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